Male Extra Review and Results After 6 Months

When it comes to maintaining a healthy love life with your partner, sexual intimacy is perhaps one of the most important things for a balanced relationship.

But life as an IT professional comes with its own brand of stress, extreme deadlines, and time crunches.

I soon started to stress eat and as a result, became overweight in just a matter of days. I was later diagnosed with hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, which then lead to erectile dysfunction. (1)

This hit my self-esteem really hard, and I almost ruined my marriage because of it. My wife and I were on the verge of getting a divorce, even though I tried desperately to keep it together.

I went through a lot of male supplements, but none seemed to work till a friend recommended Male Extra. And the results were indeed amazing.

Hello! This is Kenneth, and today I would like to talk to you about my experiences with Male Extra and see whether the product will work for you the same way it worked for me.

So What is Make Extra?

Back in 2009 the company Wolfson Berg Ltd. launched a male supplement that did not garner much popularity during the initial months. But soon, because of its unique ‘all-natural ingredient’ recipe, it rapidly rose in notoriety and took over the male supplement market by storm. (2)

Unlike most of its competitors the reviews for Male Extra are mostly positive, and what initially sold me to the product were the real-life stories that gave detailed accounts of its benefits.

Male Extra uses certain unique ingredients in its build like pomegranate seeds and vitamin B3, whose sole aim is to ‘improve the process of vasodilation in the penile structure.’ This product is specifically designed to make my body send larger volumes of blood to flow into my penis when I am aroused.

This as a result not only helped me achieve harder erections, but the erections lasted longer during sex as well. Surprisingly it also improved my metabolic rate, and I soon started to cut down on my excess fat leading to more energy in my day-to-day life.

What keeps Male Extra a step ahead of its Competition?

If you go by FDA’s official portal, you will see that it warns us about taking male enhancement supplements which can end up irreparably harming your body. (3)

But fortunately Male Extra doesn’t fall under the ‘harmful substance’ category. So, here are some of the fantastic positives of the product:

  1. Made with natural ingredients.

Where the standard male supplement is filled to the brim with chemical compounds and synthetic elements, Male Extra, on the other hand, is completely natural. It’s entirely made up of components such as plant extracts and thermogenic antioxidants, which helps the body have a better blood flow in a very holistic way.

  1. Doesn’t make Bold Claims.

Unlike many of its competitors Male Extra doesn’t make any bold or exaggerated claims, and this to me is perhaps one of its most important selling points. Even though its results are assured, it may take a considerable amount of time to show its effects.

And to get the best possible outcome, you will have to follow its dosage and course religiously as well. Adding a bit of cardio routine while on the supplement can significantly speed up the results.

  1. Improves the body’s energy production.

Male Extra comes with certain thermogenic properties that help in improving the body’s overall metabolic rate. To increase and enhance the blood flow in the body especially the penis, the body needs to have a higher energy output.

This male supplement also acts as an amazing weight loss and slimming product. The more body’s metabolic rate increases, the more is my excess fat used, as an energy reserve

  1. Boosts Confidence and helps one relax

Male Extra is made with specific stimulants which help in calming the nerves and produce an overall positive attitude towards life. After just a few days of use, it made me feel significantly more relaxed and rejuvenated, and I am able to handle my personal and professional life much better now.


When it comes to using male supplements, it’s always advisable to follow the dosage chart that comes with the product. For the Male Extra, it’s recommended that you take no more or less than 3 pills a day. One during breakfast, one lunch and the last during dinner.

And overdose or underdose of the supplement should also be strictly avoided. Taking less than the prescribed amount may not give you the desired results, and taking more can cause long term harm to your body.

Additionally, it’s better not to use the product if you’re below 18 years of age.

Some Possible Side Effects and Negatives of Male Extra.

As Male Extra is entirely made up of natural holistic ingredients, it doesn’t cause any significant side effects whatsoever. Minor symptoms like a migraine, headache, nausea and frequent vomiting and loose motion can occur, but that is only when your body is yet to get used to the course.

Allergic reactions can be frequently noted as well. So if you’re prone to a lot of allergies, it’s better that you seek medical advice before using the product and meticulously go through the list of all the ingredients that are present in it as well.

Additionally, the price of this supplement is pretty high as well, especially when compared to other products of its class. Hence, it may just be off limits to a lot of average customers who are looking for a more pocket-friendly way of treating their erectile dysfunction.

But, if I were, to be honest, and compare the price with the results, then I will not be exaggerating if I said that Male Extra is worth every expense. (4)

Final Thoughts

For me and my marriage, Male Extra was like a wonder drug. Not only did it treat my erectile dysfunction but it was able to drag me out of my depression and lack of self-confidence as well. And I hope that my Male Extra review today was able to convince you about the benefits of this amazing product. Visit or for more details

Till Next Time!

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